25th Anniversary

We are proud to announce that 2016 marks Seeds of Learning’s 25th Anniversary! We are thankful to many donors, volunteers, and community partners that have supported us over the years. Together we have:

  • Built 215 educational rooms in partnership with 64 communities, benefiting over 6,000 students a day (almost 52,000 students total)
  • Awarded almost 1,400 scholarships to elementary, secondary and university students
  • Enabled over 200 students to graduate and receive diplomas at the primary, secondary and/or university level
  • Built and run 8 learning centers and libraries, which collectively serve 400 people a day
  • Awarded 52 scholarships to economically under-served North American youth, allowing them to participate in our work group program
  • Hosted almost 3,900 individual work group volunteers (over 50% of whom are youth) in more than 225 groups
  • Facilitated 275,000 North American volunteer hours and 390,000 Central American volunteer hours

Throughout the year, we will be celebrating this remarkable milestone and reflecting upon past successes. We already have several celebratory events planned for later in the year (and more will be added to the calendar soon). We will also be hosting a special 25th Anniversary Work Group to Nicaragua from September 26th-October 3rd. For more information about this group click here, or you can apply to join the group here.