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Project Grace is teaming once again with Seeds of Learning to arrange and coordinate our third trip to Nicaragua, scheduled for Fall 2012 (October 20 — 28, 2012). This trip is open to siblings, parents, spouses, grandparents, children, friends, - anyone who would like to honor a loved one by serving a community in need. Project Grace is thrilled and proud to be working with Seeds of Learning, which has been working for over 20 years to help increase access to education in Central America.

During our week-long trip volunteers will have the chance to live and work together as they spend their days mixing concrete, laying bricks, digging the foundation, tying rebar, or working on other tasks to help build a school with local parents, teachers, youth and children. Evenings will be spent together as a group, enjoying a typical dinner, with time built in for reflection and sharing stories.

The cost of this trip is approximately $2,000 (we are unable to confirm a price because airfares are difficult to predict at this time); Participants are assured that once airfares are secured, all other expenses - lodging, insurance, ground transportation, meals will be covered. Some scholarships are available.

A minimum of 10 participants is needed for this trip to go forward.

If you are interested in signing up for the trip, please contact Carole Mahoney:

"Everyone has experienced a loss, and by sharing stories, by honoring each person's loved one, the jagged painful edges are softened." — 2011 Project Grace/SOL Work Group participant