2015 Work Group Schedule

Ciudad Darío, Nicaragua
February 8th - 17th: February Open
June 17th - 26th: Valley Presbyterian Church

Matagalpa, Nicaragua
April 5th - 12th: Cardinal Newman High School
June 6th - 14th: Crystal Springs Uplands School
July 15th - 13th: One Dollar For Life I
July 20th - 28th: One Dollar For Life II

Tipitapa, Nicaragua
February 15th - 27th: Students Offering Support, Wilfrid Laurier University
March 22nd - 29th: Sonoma Valley High School
June 10th - 19th: Sierra Service Project, Redding

Open groups are listed in bold above. If you are an individual looking for a group to join please email for details and availability before applying. The cost for participating in a group is $1,400 (if paid by due date) per person plus round trip international airfare. One-week groups are $1,200 plus round trip international airfare. All groups are subject to cancellation or change by SOL. Minimum group size is 12 people. With some exceptions, most groups leave in the early AM of the departure date listed and therefore need to be at the airport the night before.

If you are interested in joining a group but are unsure which group has an opening for you, please contact us for details.