Board of Directors

Kendal Stewart is a North Carolina native, but lived in Central America for eight years while managing the International Donor Relations department at Habitat for Humanity El Salvador. She feels at home in the region and has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education there.

Community service has sha [. . .]

Mark Etherington is currently the Chief Building Engineer for ScanlanKemperBard at Hamilton Landing in Novato, CA.  Mark has been a Seeds of Learning Work Group leader for 15 years. “I found my passion for this while trekking the Himalayas and seeing the poverty there. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Seeds of L [. . .]

Patti England is the former Vice President of Investor Relations at Harding Lawson Associates, where she worked for
twenty years. Since her retirement she has served on several boards and lends her business experience in the areas of
financial planning and management. She has participated in several work grou [. . .]

Kimberly Uzzo is currently a Senior at Sonoma Valley High School, graduating this June. She has travelled on trips through the workgroup program since 2008 and is a new Board member, eager to become a larger member of Seeds Of Learning. Kimberly plans to study international relations next [. . .]

Aileen Castillo is a public health professional, graduate from UC Irvine, and currently working on her Masters at University of San Francisco. She is an experienced program coordinator with a demonstrated history of working with nonprofit organizations and serving underser [. . .]

Felix is ready to lend his financial expertise and cultural knowledge to tackle the challenges of a thriving organization.

Born to Nicaraguan parents, who immigrated to San Francisco in the late 70’s, Felix has a deep understanding of Nicaragua and cross cultural interactions. As a youth, Felix would travel to N [. . .]

Dominic Tommasi has participated with SOL programs as a student traveler, group leader, program director and now board member. Currently attending Santa Rosa Junior College, he hopes to work in natural resource management and renewable energy. Working with SOL as both a volunteer and employee have provided Dominic with [. . .]