Board of Directors

Felix Miranda — Board Member

Felix is ready to lend his financial expertise and cultural knowledge to tackle the challenges of a thriving organization.

Born to Nicaraguan parents, who immigrated to San Francisco in the late 70’s, Felix has a deep understanding of Nicaragua and cross cultural interactions. As a youth, Felix would travel to Nicaragua and see others who looked like him but were given a different opportunity. “I am proud to be a Nicaraguan American. I credit my success to my cultural heritage.” says Felix.

Felix started his career as a retirement planner at the age of 21. Seven years later he had built a thriving financial planning practice in Napa, CA,and was one of the youngest Certified Financial Planners in the country. After receiving a full fellowship to Berkeley- MBA, Felix focused his studies on corporate finance and non-profit board management. Now, Felix is a Senior Finance Analyst for an executive at HP’s Palo Alto corporate headquarters.

Felix says, “Nicaraguans have a world class spirit. Just go there and you’ll understand. You’ll never be the same.”