SOL Staff

Annie has worked for the last 21 years in various capacities with Seeds of Learning. She began as a work group volunteer in 1994, and later returned to work as an intern during a semester abroad program in 1997 and the summer of 1998. In 1999, Annie began full time work with Seeds of Learning as the Program Administrator [. . .]

Emily first became involved with Seeds of Learning as a high school student when she participated in two work groups to El Salvador. Over the course of the last seven years, she has  volunteered for the SOL office and is happy to continue to be a part of SOL as their Administrative Assistant & Special Event/Donor R [. . .]

Alejandra has been involved with Seeds of Learning since 2012. Since then she has participated in three work groups in Nicaragua and has helped to coordinate recent annual events as a part time assistant. She is happy and looking forward to playing a larger role in SOL as the new Annual Event Coordinator.

She has [. . .]

Patrick was born and raised on the rural Mendocino Coast in Northern California by his parents, Sammie and Wendell Rickon. His family was active in many local faith-based communities, including the Antioch Fellowship and the Mendocino Presbyterian Church. He was also very involved in youth activities. Throughout his chil [. . .]

Urania was born in Ciudad Darío, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Her family comes from a tradition of many generations of teachers. She grew up in this environment and fell in love with this worthy profession at a young age. Urania started her teaching career in 1983, working as a Promoter in Early Education, and later was appoin [. . .]

Izayana was born in Ciudad Darío, Nicaragua. She is the fifth of ten children born to her parents, Maximiano Carcache (deceased) and Maria Nelly Pastora. Both of her parents and many of her relatives were teachers, so Izayana grew up among a tradition and family of teachers. With this example and with great pride, Izaya [. . .]

Ileana was born in Matagalpa in the community of Waswali. She recently completed her studies at the Juan Pablo II University where she earned a degree in Social Work. Ileana started working for SOL in 2013 providing administrative and accounting support. She has had other job experiences but this is her first time workin [. . .]

Karla’s work with SOL began when she was selected to receive a college scholarship.  As a student, she gave back to SOL by developing a number of projects in the Learning Resource Center. Her main focus was tutoring children, although she also coordinated crafts activities and games. She also spearheaded a Reading Cor [. . .]

Jorge began working with SOL in 1996. He previously worked for the municipal mayoral office of Matagalpa, where he taught classes for over 16 years. This is where he acquired the knowledge and skills to work with children and youth of different ages. Jorge has also worked in public schools, such as Las Calabazas, the Fra [. . .]

Ever since he was a young boy, Aurelio has liked carpentry and masonry. He first began working with SOL when the Learning Resource Center was undergoing renovations in 2000. Since then he has worked with SOL on a number of construction projects, including school construction and building maintenance. An accomplished carp [. . .]

Richard’s first job was as an apprentice mechanic at the Oscar Benavides Company in Sebaco, Nicaragua. He was drafted into the Nicaraguan army and was trained in various military techniques. Eventually his superiors noticed his skills as a mechanic, and had him trained in handling and maneuvering tanks and heavy transp [. . .]

Zury has been part of SOL’s dance program since she was three years old, as well as, belonging to SOL’s dance troupe, “Brillo de SOL”, through out her entire adolescence. As Seeds of Learning’s newest dance instructor, Zury feels content to help bring continuity to the learning opportunities SOLR [. . .]

Yuris is from Las Jaguas, Nicaragua. With the support of a scholarship from Seeds of Learning, she earned her high school diploma and a degree in Public Accounting at University of Northern Nicaragua. As a scholarship student, she also coordinated educational projects for the children in her local community, most of whic [. . .]

Pedro previously worked a security guard at the local water company in Ciudad Darío. He has also taken courses and been trained in handling fire arms and safety.  Pedro is from the community of Las Delicias, and first worked with SOL after Hurricane Mitch. In the aftermath, international volunteers and members of the L [. . .]