SOL Staff

Pedro Treminio Suárez — Night Watchman

Pedro previously worked a security guard at the local water company in Ciudad Darío. He has also taken courses and been trained in handling fire arms and safety.  Pedro is from the community of Las Delicias, and first worked with SOL after Hurricane Mitch. In the aftermath, international volunteers and members of the Las Delicias community worked together to build the Satellite Learning Resource Center, which is still in operation today. Says Pedro, “When I recall this experience I feel a lot of emotion, because I was from a community that was benefitted by a SOL project. I didn’t know that many years later I would become a part of this organization. I give my thanks to all those who have contributed to this work.”

“I like working with SOL because of the services we provide to rural communities. I like that SOL can identify with the program beneficiaries as well. I also participate in the various activities performed in communities, including school inaugurations, the celebration of Children’s Day, typical dinners with the work groups, and more.”