SOL Staff

Urania Carcache Pastora — Darío Educational Programs Officer

Urania was born in Ciudad Darío, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Her family comes from a tradition of many generations of teachers. She grew up in this environment and fell in love with this worthy profession at a young age. Urania started her teaching career in 1983, working as a Promoter in Early Education, and later was appointed to be a primary school teacher in rural areas. During the 1980’s, it was difficult to teach because the country was in the middle of a civil war and there were very few resources available for education. This taught Urania that in the face of great scarcity, one becomes more united with those around you. This experience directed her life towards service and volunteering for others. “When you teach without having any books or materials, you have to devise and be creative in able to provide your students with the bread of knowledge.”

Urania has been serving and supporting education in her country for the past 29 years. She has had the opportunity to serve as a teacher in many different positions and capacities, including preschool, primary, adult and special education. Urania has also worked in several different management positions.

Urania became involved with SOL in 1996 as a volunteer in support of the “Sala Infantil” (Children’s Room) and Learning Resource Center in Ciudad Darío. She was later hired by SOL as the coordinator of the Sister School Program. Through her involvement with this program, she came to realize that there were not only great material needs in rural areas of Nicaragua, but also a great need for building capacities and training teachers. This has motivated her to coordinate SOL educational programs that benefit both students and teachers in the municipality of Ciudad Darío.

Urania says, “I love the work I do with SOL, and I am most happy when helping students access quality education.”