SOL Staff

Zury Sarahi Corea Treminio — Dance Instructor

Zury has been part of SOL’s dance program since she was three years old, as well as, belonging to SOL’s dance troupe, “Brillo de SOL”, through out her entire adolescence. As Seeds of Learning’s newest dance instructor, Zury feels content to help bring continuity to the learning opportunities SOL’s LRC programming has afforded to so many children and youth in the community over the years.

While sharing her knowledge and dancing abilities through SOL’s LRC programing, Zury also continues her studies at the University of Northern Nicaragua UNN with the goal of a future career in public accounting and finance.

Zury remarks: “I have always liked the way in which the SOL Learning Center and it’s staff work together as a team to meet their commonly proposed goals and objectives. I am pleased that my talents have been taken into account by the organization and I will do my best to instill in others all that I was taught by so many people here over the years.”