Day 5 in Puerto Rico


On Wednesday we visited the farm of Miguel Cora. Miguel is 75 years old and has lived here in Arroyo his entire life. As you saw in the photos, our group planted 69 banana trees at his farm/house in just under 3 hours! I am so grateful for the teams dedication and energy because that task would have taken Miguel a month if not more time to do. Not only was the work impressive and helpful, but the connection we made with Miguel is something I will never forget. When I first met him, he wanted nothing to do with SOL or anything to do with the United States, who incarcerated him for 28 days for refusing to fight in the Korean War. Not wanting to impose, I was ready to look elsewhere for other possible partners, but Leo an Leila urged me to keep trying. Over time I continued to explain who we are and how we go about our work and we planned his work day with he bananas. The group exceeded all his expectations, planting every seedling he had and more importantly listening and bonding with Miguel as a person. He was so glad to have us that he even came with us to the beach after our work just to make sure we were having enough fun after a days work. I am so proud of this group who deeply strive to understand the unjust history Puerto Rico has endured and then in turn work to make a positive contribution for a just future for all.

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