Day 6 in Puerto Rico


Today, Thursday we went to the town of Coamo for a tour of the city. Coamo was the first southern town founded in Puerto Rico and therefore is home to much of this side of the island’s history. We first visited the Coama healing baths, two hot springs which many consider the fountain of youth. We then visited the center of town at the plaza and ended the tour at the top of a 360* panoramic view of the entire area of Coamo. We then went to lunch where the group had their first Mofongo, a local staple made of bananas and a stuffing of either meat or veggies. As expected, we received rave reviews. We then came back to the house where Miguel came to spend the evening with us again(!) at the farm. We enjoyed the cooler temperatures in which Leo, Leila and I usually work in with our headlamps and then gathered around the bonfire to make s’mores, sing songs and enjoy the full blue moon. When Miguel left, Krista gave him one of her classic jingle heart’s and explained that when you shake it and hear the jingle you know we are sending our love. He then said I came here tonight with one heart and I’m leaving with many. Once again I was just blown away at the groups ability to break down barriers that would otherwise keep us all further and further from finding and sharing our basic humanity with one another. This is why I believe in SOL and choose to work and travel for this organization. We planted seeds and we learned about each other, and that made all the difference in the world.

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