Day 7 in Puerto Rico


Our last day on the farm in Arroyo has come to a close. Today we went back to Trama farm to clear brush to begin the next set of seeding beds and water all the plants. We had an issue with the plumbing but luckily our bus driver Santiago is also a plumber and came to help us out. All is fixed now and their clothes and sheets all got washed and cleaned. After lunch, we made paint brushes from foraged sticks and milkweed seeds. Leila uses these paintbrushes for her art that is often displayed in the Puerto Rican National Museum. After this activity, we completed the SOL evaluation, each of us discovered who our secret friend was and we packed up our suitcases. For dinner Sherry (our amazing cook) surprised us all with pizza which was met with exceptional excitement. We ended the night by playing music, writing in our journals and packing our gear for our big day in the city of San Juan before the flight home tomorrow night/ Sunday morning.

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