The day has finally arrived

By Casey Callais, 11/04/2016 — All the hype over this project in El Jicarito is finally starting to become the reality now that we have started laying the first rows of superadobe earth bags. That’s right, we are finally able to show the locals in El Jicarito and the world just how bombproof this new take on an ancient building method is.

The big push is thanks to the help from other communities SOL has worked in. Miraluz was out last week as well as Pedro Arauz and, as you can see in the video, El Triunfo.

We areĀ posting regular updates about the project as construction continues. In the meantime we are offering an amazing deal for people who are interested in this project. Donate to help buy whiteboards, desks, computers, etc. and receive Knitknot’s architectural plans, Precision Structural Engineering’s structural design (compliant with the 2012 International Building Code), Seeds of Learning’s complete construction report AND a 2-hour phone call with the Seeds of Learning team. This is ideal for anyone who is interested in building their own superadobe project and the money goes to cover school supplies and resources.Ā Donate

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