Finishing up the school in El Papayal

By Casey Callais 6/27/16 — The one-room school building that Seeds of Learning has been constructing in the community of El Papayal has made major advancements toward its development. The school building now has a floor, sidewalk and roof. And as you can see, has just been painted.

The next steps are to build and install the doors, burglar bars and windows before inaugurating it.

El Papayal was SOL Managua’s first project of the year and is expected to be finished within the next few weeks. Once the school is done our foremen will be concentrating 100% on the project in El Jicarito.

There were two work groups that assisted with the construction in El Papayal and we are very thankful for their help. Sonoma Valley High School mixed cement, made columns and created friendships with the local kids of the community, while Quest Madison group mixed more cement, poured the crown beam and the floor and taught the kids how to tie-dye shirts and play games.

Sonoma Valley photo album

Quest Madison photo album

El Papayal construction photo album

papayal school painted

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