Apply to a SOL Work Group

SOL is currently in the process of opening back up our Work Group program. Coming shortly, we will be offering groups to Oaxaca, Mexico.

A “SOL work group” is a team of volunteers who travel together to learn, share and serve in partnership with local communities. If you are interested in joining a SOL Work Group in 2020, please complete the following steps:

      1. Contact SOL’s office to confirm which group you will join.
      2. Download and review the SOL Work Group Volunteer Packet:
        SOL Work Group Volunteer Packet Puerto Rico

    SOL Nicaragua Work Group Volunteer Packet

    1. Submit your SOL Work Group Volunteer Application online. To complete the application you will need your passport number (if available) and your medical insurance information.  Individuals under 18 years of age will need both parents to sign the application.
    2. Make a $500 deposit here to complete your application.
    3. Contact your group leader to find out about pre-departure group meetings and begin preparing for your trip.