Douglas Thompson Memorial Scholarship


The Douglas Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established with SOL in June of 2013. Douglas Thompson’s entire life was characterized by a deep love of humanity. He was a generous supporter of global organizations committed to the rights and welfare of children around the world.

He is survived by his sister, Sara Donnelly, a long-time supporter of SOL. Sara and her husband, John, a former SOL Board member, have participated in five Work Group trips to El Salvador and Nicaragua. She is the author of Esperanza and the New School, a bilingual children’s book which tells the SOL story through the eyes of a young girl.


The Douglas Thompson Memorial Scholarship is available to any youth participant who:

  • Has been accepted into the Work Group program
  • Is under the age of 18
  • Resides in the Sonoma Valley
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Expresses and demonstrates compassion for others through service.

Seeds of Learning actively recruits and supports volunteers from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Group scholarships are also available for AVID students; interested work group leaders should contact Annie Bacon for details and how to apply.

Criteria for Selection

  • Financial need
  • Demonstration (in the written letter) of skills or experiences that would be highly beneficial to the SOL Work Group service project
  • Commitment to community service
    Note: Preference will be given to youth volunteers who have not already been awarded SOL scholarship assistance.


Anyone can make a contribution to the Douglas Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Scholarships typically range from $200 – $500 per person, with the average amount being $350.


The Doug Thompson Memorial Scholarship application form can be found here. The scholarship deadline for 2023 work group volunteers is April 15, 2023. We would be glad to help support individuals who need financial assistance with ideas, suggestions, and administrative support for their fundraising. Please contact with any questions.