Volunteer Testimonies

Alex Ashley

To say that my experiences with Seeds of Learning in the communities of Villa Japón and Las Delicias were life-changing would be an understatement; I believe that the work that this organization does with volunteers in rural Nicaraguan communities is potentially world-changing.

Alex Ashley posed photoThe name Seeds of Learning is built on the metaphor of sowing seeds which will soon bear bountiful fruits, to nurture the growth of young children by providing educational resources to lead to a better future for them. I was so profoundly touched by my experiences with Seeds of Learning, and my life was certainly turned upside-down. Among piles of cement mezcla, the beautiful genuine smiles of the Nicaraguans, and my interviews delving into local and national issues, I discovered my passion for Latin American culture and social justice. I have seen firsthand how Seeds of Learning programs inspire U.S. volunteers as well as Nicaraguans by instilling hope for a better future. Stories of these experiences spread throughout friends and family back in the U.S. and among communities in Nicaragua, thus touching more and more lives. The seeds have been sown, and they continue to flourish, carried on the wind through the U.S. while also remaining rooted and strong in the communities where great changes are being made to help promote educational opportunities for generations to come. Those young students may grow to be world-changing leaders, and to have been a part of that process is an immense honor for me.

Alex Ashley taking photos

I graduated high school remembered as the gringa who fell in love with Latin America and service work. I am so grateful to have been able to share my inspiration with so many others, and to continue to support an organization which I believe can truly begin to change the world. This fall, I’ll be attending Brandeis University, well known for its social justice programs, and will double major in International and Global Studies and Latin American Studies.

To view the documentary video I created about my trips with Seeds of Learning, click here (summary version) or here (extended version).

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