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Sunset High School Raises $3,500 For SOL

Seeds of Learning is incredibly grateful to the members of the National Honors Society at Sunset High School in Portland. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, club members worked together to raise $3,500 for our Reading Campaign in Nicaragua. Below is a letter from one of the students highlighting their work.

We are a high school club from Sunset High School in Portland, OR, the National Honor Society. Our group consists of a diverse student body of over 100 members in grade 10, 11 and 12; we mainly focus on philanthropy projects in our local Portland area, within Sunset High School or for global causes. Each year, we have a section of the club headed by a global chair to pursue projects that benefit a global charity. This year, the charity was Seeds of Learning, which provides educational opportunities to students in Nicaragua. We believe as members who have found success academically, giving back to students who don’t have the same educational opportunities would be helpful and special.

This year, in our global wing, we focused on three projects throughout the school year. These projects and some extra member fees from our club budget comprised the entire $3,500 we donated to Seeds of Learning. The first project was a can and bottle drive. Members promoted the drive with flyers in local neighborhoods and collected bottles and cans to deposit at supermarkets. This project was from September to February. The second project was a Seeds of Learning fundraiser. We had a member design an order form based off of the online order form on the Seeds of Learning’s website. We then had members sell the merchandise. This project started around December lasted until now, in June. Most of the orders were made around May and June. Finally, our third project was a car wash. This is a project Sunset NHS does annually and occurs sometime in spring. This year, it was during the first two weeks of April. All the members participated in washing cards in our local community with the help of organizers at Mike’s Auto Parts.

All this money will go to the Seeds of Learning reading campaign. This was a project that Dan Plies at Seeds of Learning brought up about supplying new books and opportunities. The project goal was for $2,500 for supplies. It is a successful and great program. The $3,500 will be for the reading campaign in Nicaragua to provide supplies and opportunities.

Overall, this year has been an incredible undertaking for me, and memorable experience for our entire club. I hope that these funds are of good use to Seeds of Learning and their future causes. Thank you for reaching out to us as a club and working together on projects such as the merchandise fundraiser. On behalf of the entire Sunset National Honor Society, we thank you for the opportunity and have been greatly honored to be involved in this wonderful cause.


Jeff Cui
Global Chair
Sunset National Honor Society Board

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