2018 Volunteer Application

If you are an individual looking to join a group, please email dan@seedsoflearning.org for details and availability before applying.

Yucatan, Mexico

Nov 9-20: EduTour (click here for a description of the trip; click here to download the application form)

Due to the political unrest in Nicaragua which began in late April, Seeds of Learning had to cancel all of the remaining groups that were scheduled to travel there this year. However, we worked to find a partner in an area that was safer to travel to, who shares our values around education and community development. We were pleased to coordinate with the Cielo Foundation to help support education with the students of Teabo and Chumayel (located a couple of hours from Mérida, Mexico). Through this partnership, and working with SOL staff in these communities, we are able to host three groups who were originally scheduled to travel to Nicaragua. We look forward to hosting two other groups in November. One of these groups is being coordinated in collaboration with Winds of Change, and the other is in partnership with End World Hunger 2030. If you are interested in participating or finding out more, please email info@seedsoflearning.org.

Nicaragua Trips

Due to the political unrest, our summer work groups to Nicaragua were cancelled. Click here to read an update on the situation in Nicaragua.


All groups are subject to cancellation or change by SOL. With some exceptions, most groups leave in the early morning of the departure date listed, and therefore need to arrive at the airport the night before.