Happy New Year!

By Casey Callais 1/20/2017 — Our New Year’s resolution is the same as last years. This year we resolve to better the access, relevance and quality of education in Nicaragua. So how are we going about meeting those resolutions for this year?

Access – We are getting closer to the finish line on the El Jicarito super adobe school project. We have the material for the roof structure and it is almost ready to go up. And next month B3 will be here to help us kick off a new school in Villa Japon.

Relevance – In less than a month we will be hosting our friends from Winds of Change who will be bringing students from the University of Toronto to work on their engineering projects in an effort to helpĀ develop a technical solution for locals suffering from the ongoing drought.

Quality – The Learning Resource Center in Pedro Arauz will have daily attendant who will be helping the local kids with homework, arranging extracurricular projects and manning the internet stations.

And all of this is just for the first two months! We also have planned new construction projects in Mesas de Acicaya, Brisas de San Luis, Papayal and Ciudadela. It’s going to be a full and fun year to say the least!

Special thanks to Amy from Builders Beyond Borders and her cameraman Vidal for capturing our intense excitement.

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