Community Building Projects

Brisas de San Luis

Brisas de San Luis and Anexo a Los Trejos are neighboring communities of about 1,200 people in the municipality of Tipitapa. Most community members are laborers who work on large farms or cattle ranches. Others, mainly women, work in a free trade zone next to the community. A few community members have informal businesses, such as collecting firewood and running small stores. Currently there is no regular elementary school in the area. There are also at least 40 children who do not attend school at all because of the lack of access.

In 2017, SOL will work alongside the members of the Brisas de San Luis and Anexo a Los Trejos communities, Students Offering Support (SOS), and international volunteers, to build a new two-classroom school. In the morning, the school will offer preschool and combined first and second grade classes. Third and fourth grade students will attend in the afternoon. The building will also be used for adult education classes, community meetings, and will facilitate a space to offer other public services to the population, including health care, vocational training, etc.

The presence of a public space for community gathering will also strengthen the identity of this community and provide a space for community discussion, consensus and participation to deal with existing and potential community issues. The community has already donated land for the construction site and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education has committed to providing teachers, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainability of the new school.

January, 2018 Update: This school construction project has been amazingly fast, thanks in large part to the hard work of our international volunteers. We also hosted several groups of volunteers from nearby communities (El Triunfo, Villa Japón, Los Laureles, and Miraluz, to name a few).

Staff and volunteers have been working non-stop with Mesas de Acicaya, Villa Japón and Ciudadela. Ee temporarily pulled our foreman, Dimas, off the Brisas project to head up the work in Ciudadela before returning to finish the job. The walls are up and the roof is due to be built later this month. We plan to inaugurate the new school in January before the beginning of the new school year.

Click here to view photos of the construction progress. We thank Students Offering Support for generously funding the construction of this classroom. We also thank the volunteer groups who helped with construction.

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