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Nuevo San Jose School Project, Petén, Guatemala

Nuevo San Jose multi-grade School Repair Project

Nuevo San Jose is a rural community of outside of El Naranjo, Guatemala. The community has a functioning school with 5 teachers with approximately 125 students. The community is hoping rebuild the school so that they will have a place with dignity in which the students and teachers can learn for the present and the future. The community consists of 100 families, 67 of whom are parents with children in the school.

The current school was built more than 25 years ago by the parents of the families in the community. It is 21 x 6 meters and consists of 3 classrooms. The current conditions of the school are barely adequate and falling apart. The support posts, and the conditions of the materials are decomposing. Additional photos can be found here.

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The proposed project covers the construction of 3 classrooms, each 6 x 7 meters, sitting within a 21 x 6 meter large building with division walls. The long walls (sides) would have a half wall to allow for good ventilation, and windows up the other half of the wall. The budget includes the installation of electric light and a roof.

This budget includes the contraction of a Construction Supervisor, a bricklayer, and a helper to be able to ensure that the construction happens at a high quality and that it is completed.

The community would contribute the following towards the construction:
• Community land to build
• Work from the beginning to the end of the construction
• Rock for the cement
• All necessary wood
• Work groups (from the community)
• Overseeing the receipts and the staff hired
• Receipts and reports

From the community: We thank you deeply for the collaboration towards our community and for the well being of the students, teachers, and parents.

SOL will work closely with COCODE and Petén Health.

Petén Health is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to training, equipping, and mentoring community health workers in Peten, Guatemala. Peten Health collaborates on community development projects in communities who have sponsored Community Health Workers for training and where these Community Health Workers are actively participating with the Program of Community Health, El Naranjo Frontera, La Libertad.

The Nuevo San Jose Community Development Council (COCODE) is the governing body of the community of Nuevo San Jose, La Libertad, Peten. According to the Decree 11-2002, of the Republic of Guatemala, the Community Development Council is formed by a group of volunteers elected in the Community Assembly, whose purpose is to promote, prioritize, manage and execute projects for the integral development of the Community.

SOL, Petén Health. and COCODE will cooperatively partner in order to plan, fundraise for, administer, supervise, and construct the Nuevo San Jose School project.

Nuevo San Jose is multi-grade school: with 125 students and five teachers. The most affected by this project include 3 teachers and 94 students. The school consists of:

Pre-school: 38
First grade: 13
Second grade: 17
Third and fourth grade: 39
Fifth and sixth grade: 18

According to the World Bank, Guatemala has one of the highest inequality rates in Latin America, with some of the worst poverty, malnutrition and maternal-child mortality rates in the region, especially in rural and indigenous areas.
It reported that the country reduced its poverty rate from 56 percent to 51 percent between 2000 and 2006. However, official figures indicate that poverty rose to 59.3 percent in 2014. Of all people living in poverty in the country, 52 percent are indigenous.

According to the Borgen Project, agriculture is a very important source of revenue for Guatemala. It accounts for 20 percent of the GDP and employs more than 40 percent of the population. Main food exports include sugar, bananas, coffee and vegetables. However, due to the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and landslides, many citizens are in a constant struggle to survive and make a living.
We want to partner with the people of the Nuevo San Jose Community School in order to help them attain better access to education. We are also tentatively planning to have our staff from Nicaragua come and share what we have learned through our Learning Resource Center model, in order to continue to expand their access to a quality and relevant education.


– An increase in school enrollment
– An improvement in school attendance
– 94 students and 3 teachers with decent conditions for teaching and learning
– An improvement in elementary school completion
– 100 families and community members participate in activities hosted by the new school, including assemblies, cultural events, community service delivery (health and education)
– An average improvement in students’ school performance

February – May 2020

PROJECT COST: $24,428.15
Additional SOL staff travel costs, bank transfer fees: $2,000
Community contribution (through materials and labor): $3,210.12
Remaining amount to be raised: $23,218.03 ($7,739.43 per classroom)

Photos of the project can be found here.

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