Seeds of Learning’s 25th anniversary celebration

By Casey Callais 10/04/2016 — It was a celebration a quarter century in the making and the Seeds of Learning staff in Ciudad Dario pulled it off in a spectacular fashion. On the first of October staff, friends, family, volunteers and beneficiaries gathered at the SOL Learning Resource Center to celebrate the 25-year mark with music, singing, dancing and thank you’s all around.

Seeds of Learning started with humble roots with the founders Patrick Rickon and Todd Evans building simple school desks back in 1991. Fast forward to now and our roots have grown to four sites in two countries with over 200 educational spaces constructed and nearly 4,000 volunteers having worked with us internationally.

We are very proud of our work and we hope to do even more in the next 25 years. Check out how to get involved and become a part of what we do.

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