Situation in Nicaragua

In April of 2018, the people of Nicaragua suffered one of the most difficult socio political crises since the end of the civil war in 1990. Violent clashes meant the loss of loved ones, and subsequent struggles continued. Despite the ongoing difficult times, Nicaragua has an incredible history of struggle, resiliency, strength, and hope. We have consistently been in awe of the dedication and hopeful spirit in people, families, and communities to build a better life for themselves and to get through difficult times.
Throughout that time, and continuing today, we stand beside and support the staff and communities with whom we work and from whom we have learned so much over the last 29 years. Our programs to increase access to education across Nicaragua continue today, as strong as ever. The libraries and learning centers built and run by SOL staff and volunteers continue to provide a learning space for children, teachers, and adults. We are working with 85 scholarship students, helping them continue their education, with support, tutoring, and projects.
Despite the relative calm over the last year, the US State Department continues to rate the risk of travel to Nicaragua at a level 3 (reconsider travel). However, the Canadian and UK governments downgraded their security level for travelers to the equivalent of a level 2 (which is what the US State Dept. rated Nicaragua prior to April of 2018). We recognize there still is risk in traveling to Nicaragua, and we take that very seriously. Our Board and Staff continue to assess the situation on the ground. Given our assessment, we decided to resume sending groups to the mainland part of Nicaragua in 2020 to work with communities to improve educational infrastructure and access in the Tipitapa and Dario areas. Should there be a change in the current political situation, including protests, civil unrest, or other disturbances, we will reassess and act accordingly in order to ensure the safety of our volunteers and staff.
Thank you for supporting the work that we continue to do in Nicaragua. If you would like to make a special donation to help us continue our work, please do so here.